Marketing plays a huge role in the growth of the healthcare industry. As healthcare marketing executives continue to devise unique marketing strategies, the healthcare solutions sector will continue to stay competitive and produce high-quality health services that will benefit everyone. From consulting or software services, here are the top marketing executives of healthcare solutions companies.

1. Bill Beck, Chief Marketing Officer at Elevance Health

Bill Beck

Photo from Elevance Health Official Website

Industry veteran Bill Beck is the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President at Elevance Health. He joined in June 2019 and has since assumed a broad scope of marketing responsibilities for brand building, business growth, and strategy development for its products and services.

Beck’s marketing leadership also covers Elevance Health’s affiliates, divisions, and specialty companies, including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Wellpoint, Carelon, and more. His marketing command focuses on improving customer experience and health outcomes for employers, individuals, families, and communities.

Before joining Elevance Health, Beck was with Whirlpool Corporation, where he served in multiple senior leadership roles for different divisions and sectors of the company. Previously, he was with Pepperidge Farm, where he built his career in marketing and held increasing responsibilities in middle management to one of its top marketing executives.

2. Matt Maurer, Chief Marketing Officer at ICF

Matt Maurer

Photo from ICF Official Website

Chief Marketing Officer Matt Maurer manages the marketing activities of ICF‘s various industries. He has led all internal and external communications, brand management, digital, PR, executive communications, sales operations, and other marketing-related enterprises of the company since November 2016.

Before joining ICF, Maurer served as the Vice President of Corporate Communications at Opower for over two years. Other previous roles he held include Communications executive at Blackboard, Managing Director, Media Relations and Public Affairs at CommunicationWorks, LLC, and Senior Fellow at Widmeyer Communications. 

Maurer’s range of trusted experiences in marketing and demand generation has been proven essential to ICF’s consulting business for industries, including federal health, the public sector, and more. His more than two decades of experience in communications have placed him as one of the top marketing executives in the healthcare consulting business.

3. Michael Park, Chief Marketing Officer at ServiceNow

Michael Park

Photo from ServiceNow Official Website

Michael Park manages all marketing activities of ServiceNow, a software company aimed to streamline digital workflow across enterprises such as healthcare, retail, financial services, and more. His core responsibilities include conceptualizing brand strategy, purpose, targeting, message solution, and customer value.

As a veteran with over two decades of experience, Park provides marketing expertise to ServiceNow, including P&L management, product, and go-to-market. Before assuming his current position as the Chief Marketing Officer in January 2022, he was the company’s Senior Vice President of Product, Solutions & Digital Marketing.

Previously, Park served as the Chief Product & Marketing Officer at EagleView. He had increasing responsibilities for big software companies, such as IBM, HP, Microsoft, SAP, Siebel Systems, and P&G. Throughout his career, he has served in product management and marketing positions, making him a sought-after marketing executive in the field.

4. Tracy Francis, Chief Marketing Officer at McKinsey & Company

Tracy Francis

Photo from McKinsey & Company Official Website

Tracy Francis is the Chief Marketing Officer and a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company. Under her purview are aspects of the business concerning global strategies, communications, brand reputation, engagements, digital marketing, and other company marketing initiatives. Her expertise covers healthcare, operations, retail, life sciences, consumer products, and more.

One of Francis’s primary responsibilities includes leading McKinsey & Company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts. As the company’s ESG leader, Francis creates actionable client services to implement sustainable and inclusive growth. She leads holistic market dynamics, scales digital transformations, and advances development.

Francis joined McKinsey & Company in 1997 and moved to serve in the company’s São Paulo office. During her tenure, she founded Healthcare Practice and headed Consumer Goods Practice in Latin America. Her portfolio and previous experiences focus on different healthcare industry sectors, proving her expertise in the field.

5. Karen Britton, Vice President of Marketing & Communications and Chief Digital Officer at LMI

Kate Britton

Photo from LMI Official Website


As the Chief Digital Officer and Vice President of Marketing & Communications at LMI, Kate Britton manages a team responsible for online platforms, branding, external communications, and corporate management. Her leadership focuses on the company’s digital presence and corporate communications.


Britton’s defense and healthcare background was established during her work at the Naval Sea Systems Command. Additionally, she worked at the Executive Office of the President, The White House, where she served as the Deputy CIO and Chief Information Officer and the special assistant to President Barack Obama. 


Coming to LMI in 2018, Britton served as the Vice President of the Digital Services Division, mainly responsible for advising federal clients about IT roadmaps, enterprise architecture, and digital solutions. Her wide range of experience has been integral to the company’s consulting business, especially in the defense, technology, and healthcare industries.


6. Mary Lange, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing at Carahsoft Technology Corp.

Mary Lange

Photo of Mary Lange at LinkedIn


Mary Lange is the Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing at Carahsoft Technology Corporation. She leads the marketing activities of one of the most successful solution providers for federal, state, and local industries, including defense, cybersecurity, education, healthcare, and more.


Since joining in 2005, Lange has worked with the executive team to secure government contracts for Carahsoft Technology Corp. Her marketing efforts have made the company one of the fastest-growing providers in its sector. Some agencies she has worked with include the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. General Services Administration.


Even before coming to Carahsoft Technology, Lange served in the marketing departments of several companies. Previously, she was the Vice President of Marketing at DLT Solutions and Xacta Corp. Her earlier career included serving as the Manager of Customer Communications at SDRC for over nine years.


7. Matt McQueen, Chief Communications & Engagement Officer at Peraton

Matt McQueen

Photo from Peraton Official Website


As the Chief Communications & Engagement Officer at Peraton, Matt McQueen handles corporate communications, focusing on customer mission success in the company’s areas of expertise. He manages all engagement activities across company-wide platforms in intelligence, communications, healthcare, and homeland-related industries.


For the longest time, McQueen was with Northrop Grumman and had taken on communications and government relations responsibilities for 18 years. He joined Peraton as the Vice President and Chief Communications Officer in December 2017 and was promoted to his current position around May 2021.


Aside from serving as a marketing executive at Peraton, McQueen is the company’s senior communications advisor and Chairman of the board of George Mason University’s Honors College. Previously, he was the former Director of Communications at Northrop Grumman’s Cyber and Intelligence Solutions and Space ISR divisions.



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