• Job site Indeed just published its list of the best jobs of the year.
  • Registered nurse took the top spot of the list, making it one of the four healthcare jobs in the top 10.
  • Some of these jobs have seen the number of job postings on Indeed double from 2019 to 2022, like product designer.

Registered nurse is the best job of the year, according to Indeed’s newly published ranking. But it isn’t the only healthcare job that made the new ranking.

Indeed noted that four of the 10 best jobs fall into healthcare.

“This indicates that demand for health care workers remains strong as job posting trends for nearly every medical category are above the overall labor market trend,” Indeed’s Audrey Eads wrote.

Scott Bonneau, vice president of global talent attraction and HR analytics at Indeed.com, similarly highlighted to Insider the multiple healthcare jobs that made up the list.

“I think this is sort of unsurprising given what the world has been through over the course of the last couple years,” Bonneau said. “There’s both an increase in demand for folks in those roles. And then in some of those roles, we’re definitely seeing burnout from folks that have been in those very high stress positions over the course of the last several years, so demand remains high.”

To create the list of the 20 best jobs, Indeed used a few factors. Eads wrote that the list was “based on employer demand, salary (using a baseline annual salary of $75,000) and consistent growth in the number of job postings from 2019 to 2022.”

Site reliability engineer was one of the tech jobs on the list, ranking third.

“Tech is generally pretty high up there as well,” Bonneau said about the Indeed ranking, “but also particularly with things like site reliability engineering, which is all about making sure that internet services can stay available and performant for users, not surprising to see those jump with the increase that we’ve seen in activities that have maybe been done in person being done increasingly online.”

Over-the-road truck driver was one of the highly ranked jobs outside of healthcare and tech. This job has a six-figure average base salary and needs a high school diploma for the job, according to Indeed.

Other positions also don’t need at least a four-year college degree. The new analysis points out that a quarter of “Indeed’s top jobs of 2022 require only a high school diploma or an associate degree, so these professions could be a good option for you if you’ve been considering a career change in your immediate future.”

The new ranking may be helpful for job seekers, but also to get a glimpse at what the labor market looks like right now.

“We’re just interested in understanding what is the shape of the labor market? Where are we seeing activity? Where are we seeing growth in particular roles in terms of demand?” Bonneau said. “And it’s been really interesting and valuable to take a look at those top 20 jobs and how they’ve changed over the last several years.”

Below are the jobs that made up the top 10 of Indeed’s new list. More jobs that made up the list can be found on Indeed.


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