• Data logger Vac-TL-01 used in distribution of COVID-19 and immunization schemes
  • Latest certification endorses product for cold chain monitoring across 194 WHO member countries
  • Global distributor rights granted to Dubai based Phi Sigma Group

DUBAI, UAE and SINGAPORE, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Singapore based healthcare solutions company, Inspired Technology, has become one of only two companies in the world to receive the coveted World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) certification for its ground-breaking user programmable data-logger- Vac-TL-01- a key component for manufacturers and suppliers for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

The WHO PQS certification is a rigorous process of prequalifying products and devices to ensure consistent and world-class quality across its supply chain. The Vac-TL-01 manufactured by Inspired Technology has been qualified by the WHO as meeting these standards. It is a data logger used in cold chain monitoring during transportation, storage and refrigeration as manufacturers and governments grapple with a complex vaccine distribution system in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines are very sensitive to fluctuations in internal conditions and could easily lose their viability and efficacy if their storage conditions are not ideal.

“The WHO certification is a validation of our team’s sustained efforts in making the cold chain storage process a more effective and cost-efficient one while being fully compliant with international safety norms,” said Beh Sook Ping, Director, Inspired Technology. “Our team believes in resolving key challenges of the future with affordable and safe products and we will continue to pursue our mission on making smart storage solutions accessible and available for all stakeholders,” added Miss Beh.

As a part of its strategic expansion plans, Inspired Technology has granted its global distribution and reseller rights, including in the MENA and the Indian subcontinent region to respected Dubai-based Phi Sigma Group (https://dubaiinstruments.com). Phi Sigma is a global name in delivering high-value, innovative and quality cold-chain and temperature monitoring solutions to customers boasting from the private and public sector.

“Effective, well-managed temperature monitoring is essential for ensuring vaccine quality throughout the supply chain and for preventing wastage of vaccines due to heat or freezing. We are pleased with Inspired Technology’s latest WHO PQS certified data loggers and wish the team the very best. The WHO PQS Devices Catalogue adopts a comprehensive and holistic approach to equipment and device prequalification, and we are happy to announce this addition to our catalogue of products,” said Brij.M. Suri, CEO, Phi Sigma.

The current WHO PQS for other companies is set to expire in December 2022 thereby making Inspired Technology the only company which will a valid certification until May 2023. With this certification, Inspired Technology’s Vac-TL-01, has become one of the world’s few data loggers to achieve this certification and endorsement from the WHO.

This means that any manufacturers or vaccine producers from WHO’s 194 member states or any UN agencies can now be assured of Inspired Technology’s range of products for their validity and suitability for use in crucial immunization programmes. This will be particularly useful in helping several stakeholders – governmental and non-governmental in Asia and the MENA region to strengthen their supply chain system for a more effective vaccination programme.

The presence of a strong players like Phi Sigma and Inspired Technology in the region is a boost to markets such as India which is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer and has global bodies like UNICEF strongly dependent on it for their immunization programme worldwide. India can produce 5 billion doses of Covid vaccines, a number that can increase if there is a resilient global supply chain.

“We are looking forward

 to collaborating with Inspired Technology to ensure an effective supply chain for all our stakeholders in the region,” added Mr. Suri.  Mr. Suri, who holds a degree from India’s prestigious IIT Delhi, has dedicated himself to the cause of building smart solutions in the region and is a reputed industry veteran, having spent over 40 years in Dubai.

The Vac-TL-01 offered by Inspired Technology comes with a replaceable battery, customizable sampling interval start delay as well as auto-generation of data-logging reports, making it one of the most reliable data loggers in the market.

“The market for cold storage in Middle East and Africa is only expected to grow in the future and like in several other domains, the region is fast emerging as a global hub for several industries. It is therefore opportune for Phi Sigma to gain this recognition from Inspired Technology which also bodes well for the market’s growth in the region. As a long-standing partner of Phi Sigma, I am proud of our association and the potential of growth that the company brings to the MENA region,” said Dr Kazim, Jaffar Pharmacy, Bahrain.

Notes for editors:

About Inspired Technology:

Inspired Technology is a Singapore-based manufacturer of smart solutions for logistics, transportation and cold storage for the world’s most heavily regulated environments. A one-stop shop for monitoring solutions and services, the company has a global name in delivering quality solutions to customers at highly competitive prices offering high value and innovative solutions.

For more information, please write to: [email protected]

About Phi Sigma:

Phi Sigma is a Dubai-based storage solutions company which offers a unique portfolio of products and services to monitor and manage the cold chain of world’s most temperature and humidity sensitive products and has been serving customers in India and MENA region for the last 40 years.

About WHO PQS:

The WHO PQS approach to equipment and device prequalification is based on three key criteria: a selected product must have performance characteristics that meet the relevant specification standards; quality and reliability characteristics that are appropriate for field conditions, and cradle-to-grave safety characteristics that ensure that no harm is caused to users, patients, or to the environment over the course of the product’s life cycle. The PQS team aims to bring the WHO and UNICEF into a more productive relationship with end users and key partner organisations.

SOURCE Inspired Technology PTE Ltd


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