TAIPEI, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan scored 86.43 and ranked No.1 in the world for the 7th consecutive year according to Numbeo’s ‘Health Care Index by Country 2022,’ a crowd-sourced global database of quality of life data. Besides providing healthcare services of excellent quality, the Taiwan government has spared no efforts in promoting the medical industry’s development. It has listed precision health as one of the nation’s six core strategic industries, while laser-focusing on elderly care and technologies by mobilizing the industry, government, academia, and research institutions to accelerate the commercialization of products and services and to energize the market. The aim is to make the home healthcare and well-being market worth more than US$10 billion by 2025.

Medical Taiwan integrates five themes, Digital Leap, Supply Chain, Innovation Force, People-centric Future, and All Age Healthcare to create the best matchmaking platform for all the attendees.
Medical Taiwan integrates five themes, Digital Leap, Supply Chain, Innovation Force, People-centric Future, and All Age Healthcare to create the best matchmaking platform for all the attendees.

Taiwan also leads the world in multiple medical technologies and plays a key strategic role in chip-making and ICT, giving it an exclusive advantage to develop a cross-field value chain. In response to the latest industry trends and government policies and integrate the advantages in medical and ICT industry, Medical Taiwan 2023 features a total of 250 exhibitors who will demonstrate their best on the following 5 themes: ‘Digital Leap,’ ‘Supply Chain,’ ‘Innovation Force,’ ‘People-centric Future,’ and ‘All Age Healthcare.’

Visitors who see ‘Digital Leap’ may explore the latest solutions in the Digital Health and Smart Medical areas, where leading smart medical device makers such as Faspro, iXensor, dBio, QT Medical, Winnoz, Huijia Health, and ThinkCloud will showcase health detection analyzers, wearable stethoscopes, smart monitoring, cloud systems, and other cutting-edge technological products.

‘Supply Chain’ will feature an integrated procurement platform for clinic and hospital equipment, medical consumables, and medical components put together by the well-established Wellell, BESMED, MOTEX, CSD, Apexcare, D.C. MEDICAL, Nam Liong H&H, SIGMA-CARE, and Joson-Care. Industry associations including the Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association and the Taipei Medical Instruments Commercial Association will also be participating with big delegations of member companies, showing what Taiwan has to offer to the world.

The ‘All Age Healthcare’ theme, which focuses on aged care, assistive devices, and support technologies for the elderly, addresses the growing demand for the aging population. In addition to various care products showcased at the event, the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre will present high-value assistive devices and mobility aids from their members.

The ‘M-novator’, one of the perfect places to display ‘Innovation Force’ in Taiwan, is staged for the first time in this year’s Medical Taiwan not only to underscore the importance of innovation but to facilitate exchanges between investors and healthcare service innovators via a variety of forums, pitches, and networking events.

The Future Pavilion is another highlight of the show that on one hand demonstrates how health promotion, personal health management, precision care, and medical care at home. Visitors are able to have a glimpse into how smart and digital applications and end-to-end medical services are practiced in a sustainable way, presenting a new healthcare business model as well as a vision of a ‘People-centric Future.’

Medical Taiwan will be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 (TaiNEX 2) from June 8 to 10, 2023, and is the most important business matching trade show for Taiwan’s medical device industry. TAITRA, the show organizer with more than 60 overseas offices, will be inviting global industry players to visit the exhibition and will be enhancing connections with emerging markets that have huge demographic dividends and growth potential. The ‘Health+ Conference’ and a number of events, such as one-on-one procurement meetings, will be held to share what’s new in the industry and provide business opportunities for whoever visits the show. Register online right now and join us in exploring what’s next in healthcare!


TAITRA is a non-profit organization established by the Taiwanese government in 1970. Its objective is to promote Taiwan’s foreign trade and facilitate business collaborations. TAITRA operates through a network of 5 local offices as well as over 60 offices worldwide, providing trade promotion, market research, education, and matchmaking services. TAITRA plays a crucial role in enhancing Taiwan’s global trade presence and promoting economic development.




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