Love Is Blind season 3 has been packed with drama since its first episodes premiered on October 19, 2022. Recently, the couples faced their much-awaited nuptials. While Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux both said “I do,” Nancy Rodriguez and the “walking red flag,” Bartise Bowden didn’t make it after the latter said, “I don’t.”

Before the big day, Bartise had issues with Nancy’s ex being involved in her million-dollar real estate business. He also expressed his attraction to another hated contestant, Raven Ross, after the entire cast’s first meetup outside the pods.


After their canceled wedding, Nancy’s younger brother Steve broke down, saying, “she got way too much going on to be hooked up” with a “little boy” like Bartise. Fans agreed, especially since the reality star seemed “insecure” about Nancy’s success.

Here’s the truth about their financial differences.

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What Does ‘Love Is Blind’ Star Nancy Rodriguez Do For A Living?

Nancy is a real estate investor and speech pathologist. That’s why she had strong opinions about that heated abortion talk with Bartise.

“What would you do if you found out your child had a birth defect and you could abort the pregnancy?” she asked him in one of the episodes. Things got a little tense when Bartise answered, “No.” The pro-choice healthcare professional argued that she’s seen how tough it is for parents with “medically fragile” children.

Reflecting on her statements in that controversial episode, she admitted that she had to educate herself more about the topic, growing up.

“I was raised Catholic and very religious. Abortion was not a conversation in our household — all I knew was that you were supposed to keep a baby no matter what,” she told Elite Daily. “I really started to consider more of what it meant for my body when I was an egg donor, because I went through the process of genetic testing. Knowing that these parents were struggling with having children, I was so blessed to be part of that journey by providing them the one-half of genetic material they needed.”

She added that her job opened her mind when it comes to abortion. “Then, at the beginning of my career as a speech pathologist, I was working with children who were medically fragile and had other genetic disorders, and many were from low-income families,” she continued. “That automatically gave me a different perspective on what you learn in a textbook out of grad school, and having experiences with those families helped shape my feelings today.”

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How Much Is ‘Love Is Blind’ Star Nancy Rodriguez’s Net Worth?

According to multiple outlets, Nancy is worth $1-2 million. Thanks to her real estate business where she earns “$6,000-$9,000 per month” from short-term rentals. Combining that with an average salary of $87,750 as a speech pathologist, Nancy is definitely doing a lot better than Bartise whose job as a Senior Analyst makes about $88,656, based on estimates.

As a result, many fans think that Nancy is “way too good for any of the guys on the show,” like one Redditor said, noting that “It’s actually shocking how successful Nancy is. Speech path is difficult and requires a ton of education. The fact that she actually owns 5 properties on top of that is amazing. And she’s super chill and down to earth.”

As the businesswoman rakes in more followers on Instagram (she now has 248,000 as of this writing), we’re sure her net worth will increase from ad deals as well.

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Are ‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Nancy Rodriguez & Bartise Bowden Still Together?

After Bartise said, “I don’t,” he revealed to People that Nancy is now more of an “acquaintance” than a friend.

“Right now, we are, I would call [us] acquaintances,” he shared. “Our depiction on Love Is Blind was very much a rollercoaster. It was up and down, and that’s continued to be what it has been — but not romantic. So we’ve gone from friends to acquaintances, to no communication to disliking each other, back to friends, and right now, I would say we’re acquaintances.”

Speaking to the same outlet, Nancy also opened up about her mother and brother’s fuming response to Bartise rejecting her at the altar.

“My brother and Bartise were about the same age, so my brother got it. And when [Bartise] said no, I had to shut down my feelings and I even said to Bartise, ‘It’s okay,'” she explained. “Those were my first words when we got outside. So my mom and my brother fought the fight that I couldn’t fight in that moment.”

Bartise clarified that he “absolutely understand[s] where they’re coming from.” When asked if she has any regrets about joining the show, Nancy said she’d do it all over again, except for one thing. “I think for me, the person I did the experience with was the person that I was supposed to be with and I wouldn’t have changed that,” she said.

“So would I do this all over again? Absolutely. Would I do it with a 25-year-old? No, thank you.”


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