MISSISSAUGA, ON, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AMK Global Group, a renowned leader in Canadian Recruitment and Regulated Immigration services, continues to assist professionals in securing Canadian employment opportunities through LMIA-based Work permits, which lead to Permanent Residency in Canada. With a strong focus on International recruitment for the hospitality industry, AMK Global Group has recently added various positions in the Healthcare and Automobile Industry in Canada, which offer Canadian Jobs for Radiological Technologists, Pharmacy Assistants, Medical Laboratory Technologists, Petrol/ Diesel Mechanics, Marine Technicians & so on. Their team also dedicatedly grooms eligible candidates from many countries worldwide, mainly from Asian countries, ensuring they are job-ready as per the Canadian job market requirements.

As the demand for skilled workers in Canada’s hospitality sector continues to rise, AMK Global Group recognizes the challenges employers and job seekers face in bridging the gap. By leveraging its expertise and robust network, AMK connects hospitality candidates like Chefs, Cooks, Butchers, Food Service Supervisors, Housekeeping Supervisors, Room attendants, and Cleaners with Canada’s renowned restaurant brands and hospitality chains in Canada with a two-year Work Permit to Canada and PR. This strategic partnership with the restaurants facilitates seamless job placement and enables candidates to embark on fulfilling careers in Canada’s thriving hospitality industry.

What makes AMK Global Group stand out from other local agents in India is their Regulation with CICC and a team of RCICs, i.e. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.

In recent years, India has witnessed a surge in scams targeting professionals aspiring to immigrate to Canada. These scams often promised expedited visa processing and guaranteed entry into the country, exploiting the dreams of countless individuals. However, amidst this distressing backdrop, AMK Global Group has emerged as a beacon of hope and legitimacy. As one of the foremost International Recruitment and Regulated Immigration Firms in Canada, AMK has consistently provided professionals with a trustworthy and transparent avenue for realizing their Canadian dreams. Through their diligent and ethical approach, AMK Global Group has rescued countless individuals from falling into traps of fraudulent schemes by educating them on identifying Regulated Immigration Consultants through Webinars, consultations and social media. Hence, they paved the way for Canada’s brighter and achievable future.

“We take pride in helping thousands of individuals in India who are now our happy clients in Canada. Our team of recruitment professionals are committed to providing personalized solutions that address the unique needs of professionals seeking to work in Canada. We are dedicated to partnering with more organizations to add more LMIA-based Work permits to Canada, covering industries facing a shortage of foreign workers here. Our recent partnerships into the automobile & medical industry will help Car Mechanics, Radiological Technologists, and Medical Laboratory Technologists secure their Work permits to Canada and become PR in the coming years,” said San Mahajan, Founder & CEO at AMK Global Group.

“Being a Regulated Immigration and Recruitment Firm, we understand the intricacies of Canadian Immigration Law & Canadian job market. Hence, our Legal and Recruitment team collaborates closely with the candidates & Canadian Employers to ensure their files are well-prepared and well-trained to meet the industry’s standards and expectations,” added San Mahajan, Founder & CEO at AMK Global Group.

The hospitality sector in Canada currently faces a significant labour shortage, and AMK Global Group is playing a pivotal role in addressing this challenge. Canada has a massive demand for Chef jobs, Chef de partie, and Line Cooks. By connecting skilled professionals from around the world with reputable hospitality chains and restaurant partners, AMK is helping to meet the industry’s demand for foreign workers, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of Canada’s food service industry.

As a testament to its commitment to excellence, AMK Global Group has established itself as a trusted partner for professionals seeking to work in Canada. Their Immigration services, combined with LMIA-based Work permits to Canada, come with the promise of a robust network of industry partners and have garnered praise and recognition from employers and candidates.

Professionals seeking opportunities through AMK Global Group can easily apply via their website at amkglobalgroup.com/job-vacancies or contact their team at [email protected] for personalized guidance and support.

About AMK Global Group:

AMK Global Group is a Canadian and British – Regulated Immigration and Recruitment Company specializing in Canadian & UK Immigration Services and delivering end-to-end Recruitment solutions to Companies in Canada. With a team of qualified professionals holding decades of experience in the Immigration and Hospitality Sector, AMK Global Group has served numerous Canadian companies in hiring skilled talent worldwide and successfully placing professionals with Work permits to Canada.

The company prides itself on the personal experience of its Founder & CEO, San Mahajan, having left the British Armed Forces, adapting to civilian life and migrating to North America from the UK. AMK Global Group consists of combined experience from professionals who have served 10 years in the military, 50 years in the commercial sector and over 30 years in recruitment and immigration. As a combined solution for both professionals & companies, AMK Global Group’s motive is to help individuals find the right jobs in Canada, migrate smoothly to their dream destination & help companies save time on international recruiting.

Learn more at www.amkglobalgroup.com and connect with AMK Global Group on

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Linkedin.

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