• Amazon’s new healthcare boss said his team will center around these four key pillars: primary care, pharmacy, partnerships, and technology.
  • Neil Lindsay was named Amazon’s new healthcare boss late last year.
  • Lindsay also formally announced the additions of two new VPs to his team.

Amazon’s healthcare team will primarily focus on four core areas going forward as its new leader looks to establish the future direction of the retail giant’s new business.

In an email to the team on Monday, reviewed by Insider, Amazon’s SVP of health and brand Neil Lindsay laid out the “four key pillars” of the company’s healthcare business. Lindsay, who was put in his newly created position late last year to oversee Amazon’s main healthcare initiatives, said the decision was made after months of discussions with his leadership team across Amazon’s pharmacy, primary care, diagnostics, and other healthcare projects.

“The opportunity to connect customers to care, medications, and the products and services they need to get and stay healthy, while also connecting healthcare providers and services to customers, is enormous and necessary,” Lindsay wrote in the email. “While it’s still early days, if I could characterize our mission in a few words it would be simply: to make it easier to do the things that really should be easy, which is basically the same idea behind Amazon’s customer obsession.” 

Lindsay said Amazon’s healthcare business is “organizing” around the following four pillars: 

  • Amazon Care: Amazon’s primary care offering, which is now available in 50 US states
  • Amazon Pharmacy: Amazon’s online pharmacy service, which is also now available in 50 US states
  • Partner Services: Team focused on “determining what other offerings we might need to make available — often with and through partners — to make it easier for customers to find what they need to get and stay healthy,” the email said.
  • Storefront and Shared Tech: Team that will build the technology to “make it easier for customers to find, buy, and engage with the healthcare services and products they need,” the email said.

Lindsay’s email gives a clear look into the current focus areas for Amazon’s growing healthcare business. Over the past few years, Amazon has made a concerted effort to get into healthcare. It acquired online pharmacy startup PillPack in 2018, which turned into Amazon Pharmacy, and broadly rolled out its primary care business called Amazon Care in 2021. It also has a separate diagnostics unit and other health projects, including Halo, a fitness tracker for sleep and heart rate.

In his email, Lindsay also formally announced the additions of two new executives to his team: Aaron Martin, the former chief digital officer at Providence, and Prakash Bulusu, a longtime Amazon retail executive. Martin will lead the Partner Services team, while Bulusu will be in charge of the Storefront and Shared Tech team. Amazon Care is run by Kristen Helton and John Love was named the new VP of pharmacy in January. Kenneth Bedsted, the general manager of Amazon Diagnostics, will now report to Martin.

TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen, the cofounders of PillPack, who recently transitioned to advisory roles at Amazon, will continue to work closely with Lindsay and his leadership team, the email said.

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