A new project has been presented by Air Liquide that aims to address the needs and expectations of patients and healthcare professionals in France, in addition to adapting the company’s business model to meet the challenges of the healthcare system.

Showcasing to employee representatives on July 5th, Air Liquide cited an ageing population, an increased prevalence of chronic illnesses and a stronger desire by most French people to be able to stay at home during treatment as a reason for prioritising home healthcare (HHC).

Despite the growing interest in HHC from French citizens, Air Liquide claim that the homecare model in France continues to be threatened by several factors.

This includes the erosion of reimbursement levels, rising costs linked to a regulatory framework which requires an obligation of means not adapted to individual patient needs, the adoption of new – more expensive – technologies and increasing inflation.

By transforming its HHC activities in the country, Air Liquide hopes to address these challenges and support the shift to homecare through outcome-based care for patients.

“Air Liquide Healthcare wants to propose new models of homecare, enabling better organisation of care pathways and quality of life for patients, at the best possible cost to the healthcare system,” said Philippe Oge, Vice President of Home Healthcare France, Air Liquide.

The project involves reshaping the operational organisation of one of the Group’s main homecare entities, Pharma Dom, simplifying its brand portfolio and regrouping some of its locations.

“This indispensable transformation will be carried out with our social partners. We will pay particular attention to supporting our teams and maintaining a constructive social dialogue.”

In addition to bringing together cross-functional roles within a single entity, the project will see the Group incorporate a technology investment plan to optimise processes and facilitate the work of teams for patient care.

Supporting 1.9m chronic patients at home, Air Liquide Healthcare supplies medical gases solutions and associated services for 15,000 hospitals and other places of care.

According to the Group’s latest financial report, HHC activities represented more than 50% of Air Liquide’s Healthcare revenue in 2022.

A thriving global industry

Following a slow-down in HHC market growth during the Covid-19 pandemic due to rising concerns regarding transmission of infections, the market has begun to regain normalcy thanks to the resumption of various healthcare facilities such as surgeries, home care visits and integration of teleconsultation.

Figures from Fortune Business Insights reveal that the global HHC market size was valued at $277 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow from $288bn this year to $505bn by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period.

One key driver of HHC is the prevalence of an increasingly older population. A World Health Organisation (WHO) 2022 report revealed that the population aged 60 years and above will increase from 1.2bn to 1.4bn by 2050.


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