With increasing globalisation and a growing economy, many corporations have companies overseas and are always in search of international business employees. A degree in global studies is in great demand as careers in business, politics, finance and foreign services focus on economics, culture and globalisation as a whole.

As per the 2017 report, 57 percent of employers preferred a graduate degree for positions in international relations. The career opportunities like management consultants, economists, executives and many more help in cutting through complex intercultural issues and cause a positive impact on organisations globally.

Here are a few business career opportunities for students who have a degree in global studies:


There’s a huge demand for management consultants and these jobs are estimated to grow by 14 percent by 2030. To have a career in this field, it is vital to have interpersonal skills as this job profile consists more of building relationships and analytical work.

A management analyst works to help companies find solutions to issues related to foreign markets.

Apart from this, a management analyst advises the management on how to enhance the company’s performance by solving organisational problems, gathering and analysing company data, interviewing overseas management to resolve company issues on an international scale and more.

This field offers work opportunities in both private and government sectors.


In order to become an international marketing manager, one must ensure that you are aware of the global market trends and develop products that meet the demand of the market worldwide. The demand for marketing managers is predicted to grow by 10 percent by 2030.

The duties of an international marketing manager are to develop pricing strategies, analyse findings to determine customer opportunities, overseeing budgets, advertising media and more.

Besides this, another role that a marketing manager has to play is to increase global sales and create a balance between a competitive business strategy with a creative vision.


A person wanting to have a career in this field should understand how different policies, regulations, political trends affect an individual’s portfolio and investments. The number of jobs for financial analysts is expected to grow by 6 percent in the next 9 years.

This career involves preparing finance reports, evaluating the organisation’s financial decisions, recommending foreign investments and more. Apart from this, a financial analyst should also focus on the geographical area, patterns affecting a particular industry or product and more so.


This field offers a variety of career opportunities in fields like healthcare, education and development. And the job role of an economist is expected to increase by 13 percent by 2030.

The responsibilities of an economist are to create tables and charts representing their findings, design policies and make recommendations to solve issues related to economics worldwide and others.

Another role that an international economist has to play is to analyse global issues, such as helping to increase a company’s profit, analysing international consumer demand for services and products and more. To become an economist, one should have knowledge about goods, services, circulation of resources and other skills.


The role of an HR manager is to hire employees, serve as a bridge between employees and management and this role is expected to grow by 9 percent by 2030. Apart from this, HR plays many distinct duties in the organisation, like coordinating and directing employee benefit programs, handling staff issues like training, productivity, supervising international staff, contractors and more.

To become a successful human resource manager, one must have the ability to keep employees motivated and should be able to enhance the company’s efficiency level thoroughly.


The market needs policy analysts and to become one, one must possess strong skills like public speaking, writing, interpersonal skills and more. Job opportunities in this field are offered by multinational corporations and governmental agencies.

The duty of a policy analyst is to develop and test theories using statistical tools, gather and examine data from sources, identify key trends, strategies and more. Apart from this, policy analysts have to focus on international relationships like global business policies, foreign law and more.


The estimated job growth by 2030 for an executive is 8 percent. If one is interested in this field of career, one should have skills like problem solving, decision making, management and much more. An executive works to plan organisational strategies to help fulfil the company’s mission while managing the resources as well as the employees.

Apart from this, an executive works to assign department managers and heads overseas, negotiate signing off contractual agreements, direct operational activities and more. One can become a general manager, chief operating officer or a chief executive officer, depending on the size of the organisation.

From the career of a consultant to an executive, there are various business career paths for students to take with a global studies degree, giving them a role to shape the organisation, manage corporations and also prepare themselves for the future.

– Article by PC Chhabra, Executive Director, Sanskriti University.


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